Questions & Answers

The most common questions we hear from customers about our platform and pricing.

  • Pricing Questions

  • How do I select a plan?
    Begin by analyzing your requirements to determine how many system administrators, online registrations, e-learners, and transactions you will need monthly or annually. Then choose a plan that meets your requirements and is in balance with your budget. If you have a significant number of registrations or e-learners, then we suggest the Business or Enterprise models, since ultimately it will be more economical.
  • How does the monthly subscription model work?
    In a subscription model, you can subscribe to any plan based on your needs. You pay us based on the number of administrative users needed to manage your activities.
  • Are monthly fees based on usage?
    Subscription billing is not based on usage, instead it is based on availability of products and services. However, certain fees may be usage-based, such as credit card tokenization, global address verification, and email overages.
  • Will I be charged an additional amount other than my monthly subscription?
    Possibly, but this is up to you. We offer other pay based services such as credit card tokenization, email overages, file storage overages, and other one-time services. You can always review your monthly invoices to see how these charges were incurred.
  • When do I start paying for Configio?
    As soon as you get started. Since creating events and merchandise is so easy you can start taking registrations and selling merchandise the same day you receive your credential.
  • What available payment methods can I choose from?
    Configio currently accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover and VISA credit/debit cards. Bank debits and wire transfer payments for services are also accepted.
  • Can I put my account on hold?
    Due to the nature of a subscription business, we do not place accounts on hold.
  • If I have not been using the system, will I be billed?
    Configio does not bill based on usage. As a subscription-based service, we always ensure Configio is ready and available for you and your customers to access. Configio provides you the constant ability to log in and build your business; whether you choose to actually log in and use the system is up to you.
  • Is there a cancellation process?

    Cancellation request: A request to cancel a Configo account must be initiated either verbally through a Configo Representative or by submitting an online ticket to our Support Team, emailed requests to cancel are not acceptable.

    Simply canceling the credit/debit card associated with an Configio account does not cancel the account. Configio will continue to treat this as an open account and the billing cycle will continue, resulting in a past due account that may be turned over to a third party collection service. It is imperative that you speak with a Configio Representative or submit an online ticket to our Support Team, if you wish to initiate cancellation of your account.

    Finalizing the Cancellation: After a request to cancel has been initiated, you must speak with a Configio Representative to finalize the cancellation. Cancellations will take effect on the last day of the billing period in which the cancellation was processed, subject to the terms of the "Service Agreement" which were agreed to when getting started.

    Cancellation of an account does not dismiss outstanding invoices or nullify previously agreed charges of any type. At the time of cancellation, any outstanding balance must be settled. All cancelled accounts with an outstanding balance may be turned over to a third-party collection service.

  • Does Configio offer refunds?

    Subscription and Service fees, including but not limited to those related to the optional services, are nonrefundable and will not be prorated at any time.

  • Does Configio charge late fees?

    All past due accounts may be assessed a late fee and/or services might be restricted until your balance is current.

  • Registration & Cart Questions

  • Does Configio handle multiple registrations under a single payment?

    Yes. Configio easily allows for multiple registrations to occur with a single payment. Configio also allows users to define multiple registration prices (e.g. member, non-member, client, VIP, sponsor, exhibitor) to streamline the selection and payment of registration items. We offer partial payment options, early bird discounts, pricing coupons, and volume discounts in a single registration.

  • Is there a limit to the number of registrations that I can accept?

    There is no limitation to registration count - you may also create as many events and products as needed.

  • Does Configio have an attendance feature?

    Yes, we do. Attendees can be checked-in, checked-out, and even checked-back-in and checked-back-out. We store the date and time of the checks, and they can trigger automated features, such as creating a Certificate of Participation. It can be done either manually using the Configio interface, or automatically via a scanner, and can be done either by an admin in the backend of the system, or by an event coordinator via the frontend of the system.

  • Can I collect credit card payments through Configio's software? How?

    Certainly. We are integrated with nearly 40 unique gateways and we are constantly adding more. Configio will link your merchant account to your Configio account so that payments are processed online. You may use your own existing merchant account to collect credit card payments through Configio. If you do not already have a merchant account/gateway for payments, Configio account representatives can put you in touch with preferred providers to help you get setup quickly.

  • Can I make my event website and my registration pages mirror my organization's branding?

    Absolutely. Configio can be configured to closely match the look and feel of your company's brand using our theme builder. We go well beyond simply including a company logo, header, footer, and colors. We give you control over terminology, buttons, colors, font and font size, padding/margin and much more. If your design team wants even more control we even allow control of page layouts custom CSS and HTML.

  • Can I process refunds?

    Yes. Configio will allow you to refund back to the credit card used for payment, or to refund to an account balance so that your customer can purchase again from you in the future using the same funds refunded to their account. We also have a sophisticated transfer tool for post-order management that can often prevent the need for a refund at all.

  • Can I import my existing accounts?

    Yes. We offer Account, Learner, Staff and Roster imports, and automated imports via file. If the import fields that you require are not available through our import manager, please ask your Sales Representative for a Special Services quote.

  • Do you offer any type of recurring payment features?

    Definitely. You can sell products as subscriptions, layaways, or pay to balance owed. These automated payment methods can be scheduled over a period of time you determine and Configio handles the rest. Deposits, fees, discounts and memberships can be used in conjunction with any of the recurring billing types.

  • Which browser versions do you support?

    We support Internet Explorer (9+), Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, and iOS. Using an up-to-date browser will enhance the security and overall experience when using Configio. Out-of-date, pre-release, beta, or experimental browsers may not work properly.

  • What level of PCI Compliance is Configio?

    Configio has achieved the highest level of PCI Compliance, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Data Security Standards, and we can provide our Attestation of Compliance (AOC) upon request.

  • Can I automate email sending?

    We have an advanced email system. A wide variety of automated emails are sent based on triggers such as creating an account, event date arrival, credit card expiration, webinar participation, and many, many more. Simply create your custom email and choose a trigger to automatically send the email based on the chosen trigger event. You can also create ad hoc email (and text message) blasts for unforeseen circumstances like event location changes. We also have an email campaign system with a marketing mode.

  • Is Configio suited best for one industry?

    Configio is supple and robust enough for all industries. From our very beginning, we build our software to be highly configurable to sell or register virtually anything. If you prefer to call your attendee a delegate... simply change the term to delegate. If you prefer "Add to Basket" instead of our standard term "Add to Cart"... simply change the term to your liking. The configuration options that are available to meet your needs are nearly endless.

  • Can I allow customers to register without needing to setup a password?

    Yes, you can set individual events as Guest/Anonymous checkout or globally for all events.

  • When customers create a new account can I require a certain format for username?

    Yes, by default we allow the customer to choose their username, but you can also force the customer to use their email address for their username.

  • If a customer forgets their password, do I have to manually reset it?

    Customers can reset their password by clicking "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Username" on the login screen. Administrators can also reset passwords.

  • Is the registration/checkout process mobile friendly?

    Yes, the entire customer facing website including the shopping cart and checkout process is mobile responsive and can accept payments on mobile.

  • Can Configio handle "walk-ins" and can they register and pay via an app?

    Yes, they could either register themselves from their mobile device or an administrator could handle the "walk-in" registration. Configio is accessible from mobile devices through a full responsive/mobile friendly webapp.

  • Can I setup a deadline to register for each event

    Yes, we give you control over a number of dates related to registration. You can set a start and end date for when an event/product appears in your online store, a start and end date for when an event/product can be purchased, and the actual start and end date of the event.

  • Can the registration fields be customized to capture unique data? Is there a number of fields limitation?

    We offer multiple form types to capture specific data. You can use one form for all events or unique forms for each event. There is no limit to the number of form fields or the number of forms. Configio also provides data validation, auto fill of previous answers, required fields, and triggered fields.

  • Is there a calendar view for all events sorted by month so customers can search and register using a calendar?

    We have a dedicated calendar page for viewing events that can be show by month, week, or day. Each calendar item is clickable to get more details about a specific event.

  • Can I setup a password for private events?

    You can restrict access to events with a password, a hidden URL, membership level, specific accounts/VIPs, or email address domain name.

  • Can I send custom surveys to participants automatically after an event?

    You can send a survey request automatically using our notification triggers.

  • If a customer withdraws from an event, but wants to attend a future event, can their enrollment and payment be moved to the next event?

    Yes, the transfer tool can move individuals between events and can transfer forms, fees, add-ons, etc. You can charge additional fees or change shipping locations as well.

  • Learning Management Questions

  • What is an active learner?

    A learner is someone who has actively started on online course and continues to be engaged in learning or someone who has registered for an in person training course you are hosting.

  • What happens if I exceed my monthly learner limit?

    We would never restrict you from adding new learners. If you happen to exceed the number of active users included in your plan, we invoice you for the additional learners at your plan rate on your next statement.

  • Do I create a course in Configio or do I bring a course?

    You can do both. You can create any number of courses in Configio or you can bring your existing content. As an example, you simply upload an HTML5 file, upload a PowerPoint presentation, upload a video, upload attachments and then create your exams for your course.

  • Can I sell my courses to the public and offer them privately too?

    Yes. Configio includes an e-commerce cart and you can easily offer your courses for sale. Make sure the "e-commerce cart" is part of your plan selection. Features such as discounts, fees, coupons, memberships, disclaimers and others will also work in conjunction with your courses.

    The same features are available for private or VIP courses. Numerous methods are available for private content delivery. You can add their email address or domain to the course, approve their account specifically for the course, send them a private invitation link or by using membership levels for access.

  • Can I offer live (in person) training and certification?

    Yes. Simply create a course and accept registrations. Then once you verify attendance and participation in the course you can issue a certificate to learners as needed. Certifications can be printed, emailed and stored individually for each learner on their account.

  • Do you allow self-enrollment/automatic enrollment?

    Both are available. An individual can enroll in a course, a track or a path via self-enrollment or they can be automatically enrolled based on prior enrollment conditions.

  • Do you have webinar training?

    We offer two integrated solutions to broadcast training. Both GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar are integrated and you can use your existing account to schedule and manage webinars in Configio. For medium to very large webcasts we have integrated On24 as well.

  • Can I set prerequisites for courses?

    Yes. Prerequisites are easily set and the learner must complete the prerequisites before proceeding with the next activity.

  • Can trainers close mark who attended a course and can I generate a report that shows who attended and who did not?

    Yes, trainers (we call them "Staff") can manage attendance through the Staff Portal. They can also run reports related to attendance to see who attended and who did not.

  • Can I add my organization's logo and branding to auto generated course certificates?

    Yes, you can customize certificates with your logo, desired text styling and background image. Certificates use dynamic data fields so they are personalized and unique for each learner.