Innovative & Secure
Payment Processing

Configio has partnered with BluePay, a CardConnect solution, to bring simple, secure, and integrated payment processing. BluePay provides data breach protection, instant access to account details and transaction reporting at anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Configio support a number of 3rd party payment processors, see the full list here.

Multiple Gateways

Use multiple payment gateways to send payments to the bank accounts relevant to the products or events a customer purchases. You could, for example, deposit payments for event registrations into one bank account, while simultaniously accepting payments for merchandise items through a second gateway/bank.

Deposit to Your Bank Account

By using your own payment gateway you can maximize your organizations profits by minimizing the overhead and fees associated with credit card processing. All payments are directly deposited into your bank account through your gateway giving you instand access to your funds. Don't have a gateway or need help getting started? Give our sales team a call at +1 (800) 376-9174.

Secure Transactions

We provide the highest level of online credit card security and abide by the strictest guidelines to make sure you and your customers have a safe & secure online payment experience. Our services are 100% PCI Level 1 compliant, we use the latest encryption algorithms to protect your customer's identity and transactions. We also tokenize credit card information as an additional security measure.