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Configio has received multiple awards and 80+ positive customer reviews from the largest software review platform, Capterra. Check out the below reviews and see for yourself why organizations love Configio.

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One Platform

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Shopping Cart
Event Registration
Content Management (CMS)
Learning Management (LMS)
Relationship Manager (CRM)
Membership Management
Email Marketing
Analytics & Reports
Disclaimers & Waivers
Staff Management
Shipping Management
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Robust Event Registration

We have been building event registration and management software for over a decade. Thanks to input from thousands of event coordinators, race and endurance operators, and camp organizers we have developed the most advanced and configurable event registration platform on the market.

Creating a registration page is easy, and can be setup within just a few minutes. We offer advanced options to control everything about the registration process.

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Powerful E-Learning

Our powerful E-Learning gives you a rich, engaging, and intuitive learning environment that your instructors and learners will love. Courses can contain syllabi, chapters, exercises, videos, PowerPoints, Prezi presentations, exams, essays, surveys, and much more. Learners can register for courses through the integrated registration system.

Once submitted, courses can be graded either automatically or manually through the review & grading system. Learners accumulate an overall grade and can work through a sequence of courses with prerequisites.

Certificates can be awarded to learners upon completion of a course, or a sequence of courses. You can customize certificates and allow learners to download or print them.

We support all versions of SCORM (from 1.0 to 2004 4th edition), which gives you full control over your content and allows you to easily import existing courses from other platforms.

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Industries & Markets

Because of its bountiful feature set, Configio is used in a vast number of industries. Everything from online course registration at universities, in-store merchandise sales at retail stores, and registration for the largest marathons in the world.

Marathons & Races
Summer Camps
Sport Camps

Beautiful Shopping Cart

Impress customers with a beautiful online store. Sell events, merchandise, courses, digital content, gift cards, and any other type of product. Your products, events, and registration/checkout process look great on every device and every screen size thanks to a fully responsive design.

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Responsive Design

Built from the ground up to be mobile responsive. Any device, any screen size.


Thousands of customizable options that give you full control over your process.

Theme Builder

Customize the layout, colors, fonts, buttons, inputs, spacing, and more using a visual interface.

Cloud Hosted

Reliable Microsoft Azure servers with an average uptime of 99.9%. Accessible from anywhere.

SEO Friendly

Automatic site maps, keywords, meta tags, and Google Analytics integration.

Free Weekly* Updates

Configio is an ever growing solution, we add new features and enhancements on a weekly basis.

Complete Solution

One Platform, All The Features

Configio is the complete e-commerce platform for large and small businesses that integrates all of the features you need into one easy to manage package. Centralize your customer purchases, sales leads, email lists, business contacts, staff members and more into one consolidated platform.

Turn Leads Into Customers

Sales representatives and sales managers alike love the features in Configio that make tracking leads and sales a breeze. By integrating seamlessly with Configio's shopping cart and event registration you can more effectively target new customers and reduce abandoned carts.

Build Your Customer Base

Reach your entire existing and future customer base with focused email marketing. With full system integration, email campaigns can easily be sent to any and all of the customers that have used your shopping cart or event registration. Dynamic content fields allow you to include customer information like addressing them by name, mentioning products they've purchased and more.

Any and All Markets

Configio is an extremely flexible all-in-one e-commerce solution that is used in a vast number of industries. From event driven markets in marathons, camps, motorsports, education, online training, conferences, music festivals, to merchandise focused markets in every category imaginable. Our goal is to provide one integrated platform that includes all of the tools you need regardless of the market segment or industry you operate in.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Create beautiful webpages and blog/news posts using our drag & drop content builder. Most CMS (content management system) platforms only provide a WYSIWYG editor. With Configio you get a library of prebuilt templates and widget (and the ability to create your own templates). You can drag and drop widgets and templates into place to built a full responsive layout without the need for design or programming experience.

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Integrated CRM

Consolidate your customer information and communications into an integrated CRM. Jot down notes, stay on top of tasks, and automatically log phone calls and emails.

Configio includes a fully featured CRM platform that integrates seemlessly with the rest of the system. It features sales targeting tools, automatic syncing with Microsoft Outlook, customizable lead forms, sales manager tools, and visual dashboards to name a few.

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Cliff Bosley

Bolder Boulder - Customer

Phil Champlin

Hub Sports Center - Customer

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FCA - Customer

George Anderson
Motorsport Park Hastings
We love Configio’s service and product. They have been an asset to MPH’s operations and continue to impress us.
Alicia Danenberg
Chatham University
Configio was able to tailor the software to fit my needs. The support that I receive is always friendly and reliable.
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''Their product provides complete solutions for whatever you need in regards to performance, functionality, analytics, big data, user experience, and an all encompassed platform.''
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